Twistix Yogurt Banana Dental Dog Treats is a yogurt and banana flavoured treats that help improve the dental health of dogs. 

With it’s triple-action cleaning power, Twistix Yogurt Banana Dental Dog Treats eliminates the  buildup of plaque and tartar, promotes fresher breath & satisfies your dog’s chewing instincts. 

Twistix Yogurt Banana Dental Dog Treats are made with two functional flavours, yogurt and banana, to ensure better dental health.


  • The banana flavoured side is formulated with real bananas, topped with peppermint and parsley which aids in combating unpleasant dog breath and achieve fresher breath.
  • The yogurt flavoured side contains natural low fat milk protein which helps clean your canine’s teeth better.

Crafted with a unique texture, Twistix Yogurt Banana Dental Dog Treats further aid the cleaning power for your dog’s teeth. A great dental chew for dogs.

Twistix Yogurt Banana Dental Dog Treats are also made with natural low fat milk.

It is wheat and corn free ingredients. 

Suitable for giving your dog daily as a treat

Twistix Yoghurt & Banana Flavour (Mini)

S$13.90 Regular Price
S$9.00Sale Price





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